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“Nothing you have done or chosen in your life has been for any other purpose than to awaken you to the truth of yourself.”
Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness Bars

Access Consciousness The Bars

Awaken to the Truth of You

What if you could tap into your inner knowing, your intuition, and really be aware of what’s right for you?

Would you make better choices?

When faced with a decision, we want to do the right thing, get the decision right and not mess up.  Yet how do you know what’s the right thing to do?

When faced with a client who’s come to you to “fix” them in some way or to help them with a health challenge, wouldn’t it be great if you could tap into the energy of their body and what’s going on for them?
How much more could you offer your clients and the world if you learnt to trust your intuition and act on what you know?
The tools we teach in Access Consciousness Bars help you tap into your inner knowing and recognise in an instant what works for you.

It’s almost like having your own crystal ball that can reveal to you what your life would be like.

Access Consciousness The Bars

Your Own Crystal Ball

“You create the vision of what you will have by connecting to the power, the energy of it.”
Gary Douglas, Founder of The Bars

So, Truth: What would your life be like if you choose this Bars class?

Would you be clearer about what works for you?

Would you have less baggage holding you back from achieving the things in life you truly desire?

Would you be able to serve your clients more dynamically, enriching their lives and yours?

The Bars are an energetic body process.
They clear the energy of the issue.

This disarms and dissipates all that had been stuck there, creating lightness and space for the other possibilities, other choices.

With this space for other possibilities, other choices, could you bring more of what you desire and require into your life?

In Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner’s Training Day, you learn about the 32 points on your head, that when run, help you release and let go of some of the mental, emotional, physical and energetic blockages that have been keeping you stuck.

By gently touching these specific points on your client’s head, you are gifting them the ability to clear out the junk that they’ve been collecting there for many years.

When you run these energetic Bars, they can get mental clarity, ease and joy.

Many thousands of people after Access Bars sessions have been able to change many aspects of their body and their life including health and weight, money, sex and relationships, anxiety, stress, better sleep and so much more.

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Your Own Inner Compass


What if you could access your own inner compass that clearly shows you which way to go?
“I allow the abundant universe to provide me with a multiplicity of opportunities all designed to encompass and support my growth, my awareness and my joyful expression of life.”
Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness Bars

This one day training is more than simply learning another modality.
In just this one day, you’ll learn tools to tap into your inner knowing, fine tune your intuition and unwrap your crystal ball.

Is this too bold a statement to make to your clients?:

“In just one hour you could change your life forever and all while lying down relaxing?”

This is one of the things that makes Access Consciousness Bars so phenomenal.

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The Bars is an energetic body process that contains 32 different points on your head that when run assist you in releasing decisions about any area of your life that you have made solid and as a result cannot change.

We teach you to run people’s Bars.

Each of the 32 Bars points on the head represent a different area of life including money, creativity, sadness, joy, healing…

By simply, gently touching theses points and allowing them to run, you are clearing out and letting go of the blockages that have been stuck there and release all the thoughts, feelings and considerations about them that have been holding you back.

The bars is a dynamic set of tools that assist you in changing any area of your life.


How does it get any better than that?

When you give a bars session, the energy releasing also clears energetically for you too.

With Access Consciousness Bars, the worst that can happen is you feel like you’ve had a fantastic massage.

The best that can happen is that your whole life changes for the better.

Are you willing to allow one day of learning this to give to your clients… and also to yourself?

This one day training is about enabling you to becoming more “You” than you’ve ever been before.

Each time someone’s Bars are run, it dissipates some of the mental, emotional, physical and energetic blockages both in the giver and the receiver of The Bars that are keeping them stuck.

The more that you give The Bars, the more you receive them.

Access Consciousness Bars are like no other form of treatment, massage, coaching or healing.

With every Bars session, you are creating more space and possibilities in your life and living and letting go of the stuff that no longer serves you.

It’s gentle, it’s deceptively simple and it works.

Come and join us on this one day training and discover what else is possible for you. To register CLICK HERE or to talk to me book your free consultation by CLICKING HERE


All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory