Success Stories

Success Stories re: Access Consciousness The Bars

Wendy Mulder’s story

“[…after having] my Bars run weekly for the next few months and in that time, the migraines disappeared completely.

This was truly a miracle for me.

And…it was actually just the beginning! My perspective on my whole life – past, present and future – changed dynamically.

I got happier, my relationships became easier and life became full of colour and vibrancy again!”


Full story here NO MORE MIGRAINES


Pauline Schipper’s story:

In 2011 I was on disability with CFS/ME and had tried regular medicine, Functional Medicine and everything else I could find. I couldn’t do anything without feeling completely heavy and drained, if I went out of did anything strenuous it would take me days to recover just a little bit of energy. When I found Access I took the first Bars class I could and had a more energy that day than I had in years.




Emily Evans Russell’s experience:

I went to an Access Bars class 6 months after my youngest daughter was born. I had no idea what the Bars were, I just saw the head chart of the Bars points and knew that I had to experience it.

After getting my bars run for the first time in class, I got up off the massage table and felt the peace, calm, and clarity of what I imagine 10 hours of meditating would create.

Except it was so long-lasting and ongoing and deeper than anything I had ever experienced. And it was EASY.

I just laid down and received this amazing body process, someone who had never even given a Bars session.

And what happened after that was a week of total happiness and joy – that I hadn’t experienced since my daughter was born. I was able to look at her and feel a connection and communion that hadn’t been there.

More on Emily’s story here: EMILY’S STORY


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