how to attract more clients to your workshops

How to attract more clients to your workshops

Questions to ask and an Energy Pull to attract people who would love to come to your workshop.

If you’re like me and deliver workshops and trainings as well as one to one sessions then it’s great to be able to get more clients and attract more clients to your workshops.

And it’s not just about attracting more clients, it’s about how to attract quality clients.

What kind of clients do you want to come to your workshops?

Do you love to have workshop attendees who join in? Who interact with you and your material?

Or do you prefer to have an audience who listen intently but don’t ask too many questions?

What kinds of personalities do you desire to have in your workshops?

Sometimes we can attract argumentative people to our workshops by the weird and conflicting energies that we are putting out….

If there is an area that you’re not willing to address within your own personal development, it can be the case that you attract people to show up at your workshops and courses that will challenge you in a way that brings these issues to the forefront.

Do you want your attendees to take what do you teach them and use it in their business or their lives?

What is the purpose of your workshop? Are you using it to get more paying clients?

These are great questions to ask yourself when you’re looking at ways of getting more people to your workshops and attracting paying clients.

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