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What are the Access Bars and what can they do for you?

What are the Access Bars and What can they do for you?

People often ask me

“What are the Access Bars and what can they do for me?”

I came across Access Consciousness The Bars™ randomly in 2012 when I was over in America for a conference with my Internet business.

I was hanging out with a friendly group of Americans that I met there and they suggested one evening that we all go out for a meal and then run some bars afterwards.

I was expecting to go on a pub crawl and thought it was just the American terminology… but what they were suggesting was very different!

What are The Bars™ and what is the benefit of having a Bars session can be quite difficult to explain.

What effects and benefits you will get when you have your Bars run?

Having your Bars run is often described as being like deleting all the unwanted programmes “Defragging” your computer…for your brain.

So getting someone to run your Bars is a way of easily clearing out all the gunky, rotten stuff that no longer serves you.  Yes, that’s right, the negative. toxic talk that spends time running round your brain.

All that negative chatter that’s been eating you up inside, keeping you awake at night and maybe even impacting on your physical health.

All the energy that’s previously gone into keeping those toxic, painful conversations alive… after having your Bars run no longer has to hurt you.

In fact, some people find there’s no “charge” around it after a Bars session.

A Bars session usually takes about an hour and is often a deeply relaxing experience.

There are many physical health issues that are alleviated after having your Bars run as well and often people are surprised by the many positive ways that their lives are impacted by this simple, relaxing treatment.

If you’d like to find out more about what are The Access Bars™, and other tools and resources I can share with you, you can book a free call with me, Niki Duffy here:



Fiona Cutts Expert Interview

Fiona Cutts Interview With An Expert Series

In August Bank Holiday this year, I attended a 4 day class Facilitated by Fiona Cutts and Andrea Lazenby (look out for Andrea’s Expert Interview coming Soon).

The 4 day class was Access Consciousness The Foundation and WOW!!!

What a dynamic way to let go of limitations that had been holding me back and catapult me into more of the joyful, delightful and stress-less space that’s working for me now!

I had a lot of fun interviewing Fiona Cutts for this Expert Series.

And this interview isn’t about me.

It’s about Fiona.

It’s about how Fiona started on her road to becoming an expert, the hills and potholes along the way and what kind of classes and services Fiona now offers to the world:



Fiona is an International Facilitator who empowers you to create greater and more in your life, beyond what you thought was possible for you.

She uses the simple, quick, pragmatic, fun tools of Access Consciousness that allow you to create what you would like to create in your life in an easier and quicker way, and change what isn’t working for you.

For a free video series with Fiona’s favourite tools and tips go here – http://www.fionacutts.com/index.html

Follow Fiona on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Phenomenance…

Is now the time to create and choose what we have always known was possible????

“Most likely you are like me in that you know something different is possible, something beyond the mundane, mediocre, dull lives that people lead where people seem to value survival over creating a life that they really love!

It’s now about 5 years since I first found the tools of Access Consciousness, and my whole life has changed, beyond what I ever thought was possible for me!

I love sharing these powerful, simple, quick tools with people – there is a speed and ease to transformation that I adore!”

Discover more about Fiona here:


Matt Bochsler Expert Interview

Matt Bochsler Interview With An Expert Series

In our very first interview of this series, the lovely Matt Bochsler joined me to talk about business, weird stuff and changing the world.


So how do I know Matt Bochsler?

Truth is, I didn’t!

I’d come across Matt via You Tube and his phenomenal videos where Matt talks about and shares the tools of Access Consciousness.

So when the idea came to me to create this Expert Interviews series, I was asking questions about who to invite to be interviewed and Mr Bochsler popped up in my Facebook, responding to a message that I’d sent him previously about how much I was enjoying his videos on Energy Pulls.


That’s when I made the daring and cheeky move of asking Matt Bochsler if he would be willing to be interviewed about his business and how he helps people with Tools, Nurturing Body Processes, Classes and Questions of Access Consciousness….

…..to dynamically change the parts of life that aren’t working and contribute to a future that holds more joy and possibilites.

As you see in the interview, Matt is a true gentleman and I love his dry rolling humour.

Matt is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and has a deep kindness that softens his huge presence and potency, making him easy to respond to, receive from and connect with.

“10 years ago I reached all the goals I had labeled as ‘as good as it gets’ in this reality.  Acknowledging the 40 years before no longer had meaning, my story began.  I Knew there was a kinder way to be in the world that far surpassed anything i had experienced, and anyone could choose it.  As a transformational body worker and Access Consciousness facilitator, I be the energy space and consciousness you require in sessions and classes to know what you know, be who you be,  and actualize it in your reality.  What would you like to choose that you know is possible, and until now couldn’t choose? Lets choose it:)”

How can you refuse such a delicious invitation?

Let the Adventure begin!

Discover more about Matthew Bochsler here:

Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator
Access Website – www.mattbochsler.accessconsciousness.com
Personal Website – www.mattbochsler.com
Facebook – www.facebook.com/pg/Matthew.bochsler/events
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYLvblxo3JbMUQF7OxlACHQ
Email – mattchamba@gmail.com
Skype – echodeltoid
Cell – 303-243-0608

Energy Pull: The Essence Of You

Energy Pull: The Essence Of You

I get a lot of people ask me what an energy pull is, so here’s a taster


What if you could pull more of what you desire into your world easily?

Pulling the energy is a great way to do that.

By pulling energy, you’re not taking anything away from anyone and you’re creating more joy, playfulness and fun which is a gift to you and to all that you do and all the people you interact with.

I’ve found by doing energy pulls every day it’s creating more in my life and the lives of those around me.

What else is possible now?

Some of the questions I often get asked:

  • Can you do it wrong?


There is no “Wrong” way of doing an energy pull. You simply pull the energy. You can do that soooo easily, in fact the easier you make it the better. Just ask for the energy to start pulling, or know that when you put your focus on pulling energy then the energy will automatically start to pull in the way that you require it to.

  • What about “Bad” energies?

There is no danger of pulling “bad” energies.  You can ask to pull the energies of what Donald Trump knows about money without having to put up with his hair.  Simple focus on the energies that you desire and require more of in your life and pull them.

  • Does me pulling energy from someone diminish the amount of energy they have, or harm them?


In fact they get more energised by your energy pulls as the energy pulls through them too and enlivens as it goes.  If you’re pulling energy from their front, they have more energy flowing in through their back. It’s like looking at a shiny piece of gold. No matter how much or how hard you look at it, your looking won’t take away from the gold’s shine.

  • Can it be fun?

YES!!! Have fun with it, enjoy it, laugh, pull more of the joyful energies, giggle, move your body and have even more fun.

Having fun with it is the way that it works the best.


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