How can you use Energy Pulls to create more for your business?

How can you use Energy Pulls to create more for your business?

“We tend to think that in business, our product is something tangible, that what we give to others is a thing,”

Says Dr Dain Heer, Co-Creator of Access Consciousness.

“When you’re creating anything, what you are creating is a level of energy that invites people to a new possibility. It’s the energy you create, not the thing you give somebody.”

If you’re willing to pull energy, you can use it to invite the universe to work for you in building any aspect of your business.

Placing an ad?

Pull energy through it dynamically!

Answering the phone?

Start pulling the caller’s energy before you even start to speak.

Planning a public event of any kind?

Start by pulling energy into it and through it, from everyone that knows about it and everyone that’s looking for what you have to offer but hasn’t found out about you yet.

Just ask and notice if you start to feel the energy flow.

Ask to increase the energy flow, now what do you notice?

How much fun can you have playing with this?

The more you do this for the fun of it and the curiosity of what and who might show up, the better the results can be.

What if you could use this same principle with photographs, especially those you are going to use to promote your business.

This Cat is Pulling Massive Amounts Of Energy and that’s why the photo is so engaging


Gary Douglas, founder and Co-Creator of Access Consciousness, pulls the entirety of the energy of the universe through him when he’s being photographed.





He used a photo where he’d been pulling energy dynamically while the photo was being taken… for a lecture he was doing in New York.

“Let’s go to that lecture,” he heard some New Yorkers saying. “That looks like a good one.”

The photo they were looking at was about an inch square and so grainy he was unrecognizable.

Gary knew that they didn’t recognize him from the picture because he was standing right behind them as they had this conversation!

Yet the energy of this unrecognizable photo was enough to pull them to his lecture.

What could you create for your business, your money flows and your life by playing with Energy Pulls?

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