Has your business hit a brick wall?

Has your business hit a brick wall?

Change the energy, change the results

Have you ever had a situation that you were all fired up about, excited, things were going well in your life or business and it felt like you were on a roll……..and then it stopped.


For no apparent reason.


It suddenly felt like you’d hit a brick wall.

Then things got hard.

The same things that you’d been doing with ease just the other day now felt like pushing a boulder up hill?

So what did you do?

Try harder.

Push harder.

Struggle more?

Try and force your way through this brick wall.

How’s that been working out for you?

I found myself in exactly this same position last week.

An exciting new project that I’d got involved in suddenly went flat.

What had been fun and joyful and feeling easy to do…somewhere around the middle of last week started to feel like wading through thick mud.

It was becoming harder work.

And worst of all, the results were drying up.

At first I just powered on through.

I’m a determined person. I’m no quitter.

I’d picked this project for a reason.  This is a fun project, a good project, I’ve set myself targets for this project which are important for me to reach.

So I pushed harder, I worked harder and not only did it become less and less fun, but my results were going backwards!

Then yesterday, I took a breath.

I stepped back and looked at the bigger picture.

What was going on here?

And that’s when I realised that I’d stopped asking questions.

So what was the first question you think I asked?

“What questions do I need to be asking here?”

Simple, yes.

Powerful? Oh yes!

That question reminded me of an audio I’d listened to which explained about getting the Energy of what you desire and wherever you become aware of that energy, go with that.

So I focused on the Energy.

The energy of all that I was desiring to create with this project.

It has a lightness, a playfulness, an expansiveness, a joy about it.

Then I got the current energy.

The “dead end”, “brick wall” energy that I’d created around this.

Which of these is more of a contribution to me, my project and my team?

So yesterday morning at about 8am, I was able to change the energies surrounding my new project to make it fun and joyful again for me.

And guess what?

Things started moving again.

Potential business partners and customers started contacting me – I got a text at 8.59am, an email at 10.12am and the day went on like that, fun, flowing, easy.

Is there an energy around a project that you’re working on that would be more fun to change?

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