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Tired of trying to cram your sparkly, star shaped self into society’s beige square holes?

What if you chose to embrace your ridiculous awesomeness and shine as if you really are the star in your own life?

Have you ever been told that you’ve got to pick one thing and stick to it?

That’s never worked for me… And chances are, the fact that you’re even reading this means it probably has never worked for you either.

Indefinable You

Are people always trying to put you in a box?

Attempting to make sense of who they are and where they fit by fencing you in and reducing you to a description that makes them feel more comfortable?

That’s never been any fun for me.

Much of the time people get confused and irritated with me when I refuse to only do one thing, only BE one thing, only have one business.

I wonder if that’s because it presents them with a problem of too many boxes for them to try and squeeze me into!

Square peg round hole?

Where has convention been trying to squash you and force you and mutilate you into something that you’re really not?

You’re not a square peg.

You’re not a round hole.

You’re not definable in a way that makes sense to them and the compact little box that they want to put you into.

…Here’s a question for you…

What if “not fitting in” is okay?

What’s right about you that you’re not getting?

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